Wellnet Healthcare Billing provides healthcare providers with the following services:

  • Review of Daily Charges to Insure Proper Coding
  • Electronic/Paper Submission of Claims
  • A/R Follow-up
  • A/R Recovery
  • Patient Billing
  • Staying compliant with changing billing requirements
  • Follow-up on unpaid claim/patient balances
  • Payment and Adjustment Posting
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Authorization Management and Tracking
  • Appeals
  • Fee management schedule
  • E&M coding and audits
  • Can provide updated weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Generate patient statements
  • Primary and Secondary insurance filings claims

Additional Services

Wellnet Healthcare Billing can provide these additional services:

  • Evaluation of current billing process
  • Current status of A/R
  • Contracted short-term A/R reconciliations
  • Training for staff in basics of billing

Reduce Frustration and Time

  • Reduce staff stress
  • Increase office/practice management efficiencies
  • Reduce time researching billing compliance requirements by educating staff and providers
  • Reduce staff time dedicated to billing by providing rates that are below the cost of labor

Improve Revenue and Cash Flow

  • Confirming Verification of Benefits prior to billing
  • Eliminate medical billing errors and delays
  • Reduce payer denials
  • Provide rates that are below the cost of labor
  • Decrease payment delays of insurance billing
  • Follow-up on unpaid claim/patient balances
  • Conducting Appeals

Focus on Patient Care

  • Allows for Healthcare Providers to focus on patients/families relationships and not financial payments
  • Allows for staff to focus resources to patients, families and provider relationships