Who is Wellnet Healthcare Billing?

Wellnet Healthcare Billing (Wellnet HB) is owned by individuals who have over 20 years of experience in the health┬ácare industry as providers, participated in health care public policy and has staff and partners with over 30 years of experience in health care billing. As owner’s of previous health care businesses, the owners of Wellnet HB understands the need of providers to work with a partner who understands the importance of receiving timely reimbursements in order to have a financially sounds practice/business so that they can focus on patient care, staff and families; while having little time to focus on the ever-changing compliance and billing requirements. Wellnet HB also works with providers in a flexible manner that meets the needs of the provider verses a one-size fits all approach and we do this in a way that is reasonable priced and fits the provider’s budget.

We believe in working closely with the provider to create a partnership and believe that the provider is our customer, not a client.

Therefore, Wellnet HB works individually with the provider and their staff to make the billing process as seamless as possible and to help them become and stay compliant with regulatory requirements for billing. Wellnet HB also uses state-of-the-art web-based billing software that is HIPPA compliant, has a robust ICD-10 coding capability, electronic remittance, e-claims, appointment schedule, appeals filings and other features that can be used in conjunction with the other electronic health care records with providers who uses paper processes. Wellnet HB can also assist providers who are not yet using an electronic billing process to transition their practices to that process.

We’re committed to providing a customer-focused billing service that is based on being your partner so that you can focus on patients and their families, staff and other health care partners.

Customer Service Philosophy and Goals

  • Wellnet Healthcare Billing is a business dedicated to assisting healthcare providers achieve what they do best: care for their patients at the highest level possible.
  • In order for healthcare providers to accomplish their mission and goals, they must have the time and attention to focus on patients, families and staff. Not back end management and processes that take time and resources away from their mission.
  • Important and time consuming tasks such as billing, coding, compliance, claims submittals, pre-approvals and collections are all necessary to starting, maintaining and growing a sustainable healthcare practice or service.
  • Wellnet Healthcare Billing partners with healthcare providers in positive and proactive relationship so that they can realize their goals.